Top 10 Best Beach Chair in 2020 Review

When it comes to going to the beach, picking the right accessories can be a hassle. Beach chairs are refreshingly and functional during summer. Choosing the best beach chair in 2020 is more than just sitting down by the beach. Things to consider when choosing the best beach chair includes; Its style, Is it comfortable? Can it be easily carried?
This review on the top 10 best beach chairs in 2018, should be able to make you choose the right beach chair for you.

10. RIO Gear Original Steel Backpack Chair

best beach chairs: 10. WearEver Chair

Sitting on a beach towel for hours can be so wearisome. For a more an enjoyable experience on the beach, a decent chair is needed for comfort and to shade you from the scorching sun. This portable, four positions reclining beach chair has unique features like;

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Thick Cushion Pillow headrest

Solid Hardwood arms


19- millimeter Sturdy steel frame

Beverage and drink holder

600×300 Waterproof polyester fabric; which is an integrated backpack that forms a roof storage pouch when the chair is assembled

250 lbs. weight capacity

They come in different colors

9. Rio Beach Lace-Up Suspension Folding Backpack Beach Chair

best beach chairs: 9. Rio Brands Lace Up Chair

This has to be one of the best beach chairs for 2018, because of its features and its simplicity. It is easy to use and does not require much storage space. Additionally, it can carry both lightweight and heavyweight individual.Its unique features include;

It can be adjusted to 4 positions

It is built with a lightweight aluminum frame

Its pillow is adjustable

Comes with backpack straps

It comes with a cup holder

Also, has a storage pouch which is large enough to store many things.

Item weight: 8 pounds

Item dimensions: open 24.25″ x 24.75″ x 32.25″, closed 28.75″ x 25″ x 4″

Weight capacity: 240 lbs.

8. Rio Beach Classic 5 Position Lay Flat Folding Beach Chair

best beach chairs: 8. Rio Brands Paradise Awaits Beach Chair

This beach chair is comfortable and flexible. They are designed to be used by both light and heavy weight persons. Rio bands beach chair can also be used as camping chairs. Lounging on a beach chair is more enjoyable than on a towel. Rio Brands Paradise Awaits Beach Chair has several unique features.

Sits 8 inch off the ground

Rust-resistant aluminum frame

Waterproof and fade-resistant polyester fabric

Hardwood armrests with marine finish and no-pinch feature

Adjusts to 5 positions and folds flat for transport and storage

Comes in different colors

7. 2 Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar

best beach chairs: 7. 2 Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair

Tommy Bahama backpack cooler chair is one of the Portable Beach Chairs. They are flexible, faster to deploy and easier to carry. Lighter in weight, smaller in size and are easily folded. Like some of the other beach hair, Tommy Bahama backpack cooler chair cannot be used for a long time. Its feature are;

It is Lightweight

Has a rustproof aluminum frame

It can be Adjusted to 5 different positions even laying it flat.


It has an Insulated storage pouch which could also serve as Cell phone holder and cup holder

Comes with a Folding towel bar

It’s made of polyester fabric

It has a Weight capacity of 300 lb

has beautiful rubber handle and Padded shoulder straps

6. Coleman Utopia Breeze Beach Sling Chair

best beach chairs: 6. Coleman Beach Sling Chair

This beach chair meets a rigorous standard, considering the environment, you will be using it. It is durable, sturdy and very comfortable for a beach chair. The features of Coleman utopia breeze beach chair includes;

Short height

Comes with a cup holder

It could be folded easily and stored

Comes with shoulder strap and carry bag

5. Aloha Rio Brands Sand Chair

best beach chairs: 5. Aloha Paradise Awaits Chair

For a beach chair, Aloha chair folds easily. Its mesh fabric makes it comfortable to sit for hours watching the sunset at the beach. Setting it up takes seconds. It could be used on the beach and also for a campfire, sports events even music festivals. Its features include;

it is Lightweight

It is portable and durable

IIt could be Folded flat. This makes it easy to carry and store

Designed with a long lasting polyester fabric

4. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar

best beach chairs: 4. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair

Tommy Bahama chairs have proved to be of high standard. This particular product is lightweight, yet sturdy. It is the perfect chair with comfortable fabric and lovely features.

Lightweight and durable

Comes with a comfortable backpack feature which is great for individuals who go to the beach with kids

It has an insulated storage pouch

It has a closed zipper Velcro storage which is useful for carrying keys, sunscreen, and cell phone

Drink holder which is big enough to accommodate any type of drink

Can be adjusted to comfortable positions for sitting and reclining

Foldable towel bar

Its Adjustable pillow is very comfortable for adults and children

3. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar

best beach chairs: 3. Tommy Bahama 2015 Backpack Cooler Chair

Before purchasing a beach chair, you have to make sure you have enough storage space for the beach chair. Also, you have to consider if the chair is weatherproof. Tommy Bahama 2015 backpack cooler chair passes all the above-required assessment. It’s easy and lightweight. Does not occupy space. Its unique features include;


Weight capacity of 300LBS

Has a Polyester Fabric

Can be placed in 5 different reclining positions.

Comes with a storage pouch

It has cup holder and cell phone, holder

Beautiful shoulder straps and rubber handle

Comfortable towel bar and Adjustable pillow

2. Terralite Portable Camp Chair. Perfect For Camping, Beach, Backpacking, Hiking & Outdoor Festivals. Compact & Heavy Duty (Supports 350 lbs). Includes TerraGrip Feet- Won’t Sink in the Sand or Mud

best beach chairs: 2. WildHorn Outfitters Chair

This chair is Perfect For Camping, Beach, Outdoor Festivals and Backpacking. Additionally, it can be used by both lightweight and heavyweight persons. It features includes;

Weight capacity of 350 lbs.

It has a unique feature of terraGrip Feet which keeps it from sinking in the sand

PORTABLE and durable

It Has 4 terra grip feet that can be interchanged

7075 aluminum framework

Supports up to 350 lbs.

Its Material is rustproofed

It comes with a mesh storage bag

1. Backpack Sturdy Steel Beach Chair Seat Height 10″ Recommended Weight Limit 225lbs by Copa (Assorted Colors)

best beach chairs: 1. Backpack Folding Steel Chair by Copa

This chair is very attractive and is sturdy. It is designed for lightweight persons. It is small and has a short seat which is most suitable for a child. Its features involves;

This chair Folds Up Flat for Easy Storage

Has an Adjustable Backpack Straps

Comes with Plastic Arms

It is not a Reclining Chair

It has a Weight Capacity of 225 lbs.


There are several benefits to buying a beach chair. Most of these chairs are not just designed for use at the beach, the could be used for all types of outdoor activities like camping. Beach chairs are designed to be comfortable and flexible.
The beach chairs mentioned in this review all have special features. Features like storage pouch, cup holders, Padded Seats. Any decent beach chair should be portable and serve the purpose they were purchased for.

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