Top 10 Best Climbing Harnesses in 2018 review

What happens when you want to improve your climbing capabilities and with safety as well as comfort design features in mind? Introducing the Top 10 Best Climbing Harnesses in 2018 reviews, which is a good place to acquire information for reliable harness models for your needs. When choosing the ideal harness, there are some various important features that you should keep in mind. Some of the including the ergonomic features, material construction and safety features among many others. We have highlighted some of the top models that include these particular design features and more:

10. Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Best Climbing Harnesses: 10. Black Diamond Wiz Kid Harness

Become a better climber with the Black Diamond Wiz Kid Harness that features all the ideal functionalities of an adult harness only in a small size. Furthermore, it also comprises of a unique OpenAir Foam insert at the center of the unit to provide breathable and compact comfort, and without any pressure points.

9. Petzl – CORAX, Versatile and Adjustable Harness

Best Climbing Harnesses: 9. Petzl Corax Climbing Harness

Achieve your climbing goals with the Petzl Corax Climbing Harness that is versatile and simple to use as well. It comprises of a durable construction design that makes it ideal for winter and summer activities. Best of all, this waist belt features two double back buckles which are simple to adjust. The inclusion of the customizable leg loops allows for convenient customization of the harness to suit various body types and clothing as well.

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8. Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness – Men’s

Best Climbing Harnesses: 8. Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness - Men's

Make the most of your climbing goals with the Black Diamond Climbing Harness that provides sufficient comfort, and it comes with technology that introduces separate versions of low-profile webbing. As a result, this leads to enhanced load distribution, while mitigating the effects of any pressure on the sensitive section of the harness. Moreover, this harness is designed to adhere to the contour of the body, thereby improving freedom of movement and comfort as well. Furthermore, it comprises of a durable and versatile connection in between the user and the rock.

7. Petzl Macchu Kids’ Climbing Harness, Coral

Best Climbing Harnesses: 7. Petzl Kids' Macchu Climbing Harness

Realize the immense benefits of the Petzl Kids Climbing harness that comprise of Endgame technology construction that provides optimal weight distribution and comfort. Additionally, this Climbing harness comprises of a unique waistbelt and leg loops with doubled straps for a secure fit. Furthermore, users will also appreciate that the waist belt is wide on the sides for added comfort. Moreover, it also comprises of no compression points of friction zone on the waistbelt since there are no inconvenient crossing streams.

6. YXGOOD Treestand Harness, Tree Working Safety Belt, Climbing Harness for Garden Art Clip, Tree Clip, Firefighting On Tree

Best Climbing Harnesses: 6. YXGOOD Treestand Harness, Tree Working Safety Belt

Change the way in which you explore the outdoors with the YXGOOD Treestand and harness that is placed at a fixed position. The strong waist will bear widened and thick waist pad design. Besides that, the pad of the waist strap and leg strap are made using a breathable foam such that the rescuer can experience enhance comfort. Additionally, the leg strap is made using width varied webbing that makes it convenient for an operate to climb using a pedal ascender.

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5. EDELRID – Jay II Climbing Harness, Slate/Icemint

Best Climbing Harnesses: 5. EDELRID - Jay II Climbing Harness

The Edelrid Climbing harness provides sufficient comfort and support for your unique climbing needs. It also comprises of a 3D mesh padding and movable foam waist padding, along with easy glide buckles. The extra durable design means that this harness design comprises of a unique abrasion protector for optimal durability, especially at the tie in section. The perfect all round harness design places minimal weight and strong load bearing webbing for your unique needs.

4. Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness

Best Climbing Harnesses: 4. Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness, Grey

Realize the benefits of using a high-quality tent for your outdoor needs with the Black Diamond Speed harness that comprises of a large and quick adjust buck on the waist. A pre-threaded design for optimal functionality. It has also been constructed using wide nylon webbing that is durable, and the Quick-adjust leg loops. This harness is durable, and the waist belt does well to hug the waist section.

3. Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness Orange M-XL for Climbing Gym & Rope Course

Best Climbing Harnesses: 3. Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness

Invest in the Fusion Climb Body Harness that is tested to accommodate well over 5,000lbs. It also comprises of spec webbing with a re-inforced tie in points and stitching for added convenience. Additionally, the buckle on the waist and the on the outside of each leg make it perfect for a host of climbing applications. Moreover, with the inclusion of the customizable medium to X-large sizes, this tent is ideal for almost any body size. Of course, the harness features a durable belt that does well to secure to the user’s body.

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2. Climbing Harness, Oumers Safe Seat Belts for Mountaineering Tree Climbing Outdoor Training Caving Rock Climbing Rappelling Equip – Half Body Guide Harness Protect Waist Safety Harness for Women Man

Best Climbing Harnesses: 2. Climbing Harness, Oumers Safe Seat Belts

The Oumers Safe Climbing harness comprises of a traditional buckle design and a unique harness construction. It does well to distribute pressure to provide optimal comfort for your needs. In fact, the waistbelt and the leg loops are lined with a breathable mesh to provide optimal comfort even in the warmest of weather conditions. Additionally, it also comprises of two double back buckles that allow the waist belt to be customized and secured in a single motion. Moreover, this climbing harness is perfect for mountaineering and a host of other climbing applications.

1. Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Best Climbing Harnesses: 1. Black Diamond Momentum Harness

The Black Diamond Momentum Harness provides the ideal time-saving design that is perfect for all approaches of climbing. Additionally, it comes with a unique pre-threaded Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle that is time-saving. Moreover, it also features a dual-core construction that has an emphasis on comfort even when you are posted up at a hanging belay. The traffic leg loops are simple to adjust for cool fall days at the crack. The four pressure-molded gear loop make it a well-rounded harness.

Taking all things into perspective, a good harness is important if you want to experience the best of the outdoors as a climber. In fact, a good harness incorporates all the essential design features for a hassle free experience each time.

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