Top 10 Best Fitted Jeans For Men In 2018 Reviews

Finding a good pair of fitted jeans shouldn’t have to be the kind of struggle that it is for men. While there are certainly no shortages in brands and styles that one could choose from, there are only a handful of jeans that truly have earned their stripes in being deemed the best that’s available.

When it comes to getting a great pair of fitted jeans, there are a few considerations that most men tend to focus on. Comfort is paramount, because if the jeans aren’t comfortable you simply won’t want to wear them. The quality of the construction is also an important element, as this is a testament to how much abuse and wear that these jeans can get before they start showing signs of aging. Below is a list of the top ten best fitted jeans for men, so you can get the full scope of what’s available and the current standard for high quality fitted jeans.

10. Men’s Skinny Destroyed Ripped Jeans Fashion Elastic-Waist Denim Pants

Best Fitted Jeans For Men: 10. Sarriben Men’s Skinny Jeans

As is customary in the world of fitted jeans, the material for these pants is 80% cotton and 20% spandex. This provides a true elasticity and snugness, without the pants themselves ever being uncomfortable to wear. To further accentuate this point, Sarriben has included an elastic waist in with these jeans, allowing for even more comfort throughout prolonged periods of wear. The distressed look and rips in the jeans also had a unique flair and personality to your ensemble, making them look far more “high dollar” than they actually are.


9. Krralinlin Mens Slim Fit American Flag Printing Causal Pants Skinny Demin Jeans

Best Fitted Jeans For Men: 9. Krralinlin Men’s Slim Fit Denim

Into powerful and dramatic prints on your pants? Krralinlin has just the designs for you! To put it mildly, these jeans are one of a kind. While they are likely not for everyone, for those that are into loud clothing, this could be your single most favorite pants purchase for a long time. Take a dive into the world of the slim fit jeans, made of denim cotton, and you will look as good as your new jeans feel.

8. Perruzo Men’s Skinny Fit Stylish Stretch Jeans

Best Fitted Jeans For Men: 8. Perruzo Men’s Skinny Fit Stretch Jeans

If distressed jeans and dramatic prints aren’t what you are after, you might be keen on a simple and conservative look of these Perruzo Skinny Fit jeans. While many of the slim fit pants options are heading towards the functionality of leggings for guys, these pants still hold true to what you want in a pair of normal jeans. With 5 total pockets and a zipper fly, you will find these jeans to be reliable, comfortable, and without compromise. Constructed with cotton and a small margin of spandex, these pants will stretch with you to stay strong and hold true.

7. Alice & Elmer Men’s Regular Slim Fit Straight Leg Jeans

Best Fitted Jeans For Men: 7. Alice & Elmer’s Men’s Regular Slim Fit

Another one of the reasonably priced options that will grace this list, Alice and Elmer have created a very clean and formal looking pair of slim fit jeans that you can wear just about anywhere. Depending on the style that you choose, some of their options are 100% cotton while others offer a small amount of spandex to prevent shrinkage and to stretch with the wearer as he moves. This is another set of jeans that won’t skimp out on the pockets and zipper, making it an ideal and useful pair of jeans to wear on a regular basis as well.

6. JD Apparel Men’s Harem Twill Joggers Pants

Best Fitted Jeans For Men: 6. JD Apparel Men’s Harem Twill Jeans

Undeniably in the slow march towards comfort and convenience, normal jeans would eventually get tossed by the wayside to make room for pants that were a little more versatile. While this option still looks like a traditional pair of jeans, its 3% spandex construction offers a distinct flexibility. More than this, the waist of these jogger pants is elastic with a drawstring. While this level of adjustability is certainly handy, it is meant more to keep the ‘jeans’ comfortable throughout prolonged periods of wearing them.

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5. Perruzo Men’s Skinny Stretch Denim Jeans

Best Fitted Jeans For Men: 5. Perruzo Men’s Biker Ripped Skinny Jeans

While Perruzo was already on this list once with a fine offering of conservative and clean slim fit jeans, this left all of those seeking distressed and ripped jeans a little out in the cold. With their high quality of clothing and sterling customer ratings, it would be a disservice not to mention this division of their line as well. Holding true to the standard in 5 pocket jeans, the cotton stretch material is infused with a small amount of spandex for added expansion to not overstress the jeans through demanding conditions.

4. Pishon Men’s Distressed Jeans Casual Solid Straight Leg Stretch Skinny Ripped Jeans

Best Fitted Jeans For Men: 4. Pishon Men’s Distressed Jeans

Pishon jeans are soft and have an elasticity that rivals many of the competitors that have chosen to weave spandex into their pants. This line of Pishon jeans, however, is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. While this offers slightly less elasticity to the material, it more than makes up for it in the softness of the jean material overall. Keeping with the latest trends of distressed clothing, this line also features a moderate among of tears, rips and distressed areas (primarily around the knees of the pants).

3. Men’s Ripped Destroyed Blue Jeans Slim Fit Distressed Holes Denim Pants Trousers

Best Fitted Jeans For Men: 3. Sarriben Distressed Slim Fit

Sarriben makes another appearance on the list and with a very good reason. These distressed jeans are among the most authentic looking of all of the options on the list (for those looking for distressed/ripped jeans), and won’t break your bank to bring it to you. Even better, the infusion of Elastan into the cotton material ensures that even when you are pushing your jeans to the max, that they are able to withstand the pressure and hold strong in their double stitch areas. This Elastan is also responsible for softening the denim, making it an extremely comfortable pair to wear.

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2. Men’s Biker Moto Skinny Ripped Destroyed Distressed Slim Fit Denim Jeans

Best Fitted Jeans For Men: 2. Fredd Marshall Men’s Biker Skinny Jeans

If you are looking for a pair of slim fit jeans that are sure to make a statement (without loud designs and graphics), these Fredd Marshall pants are going to assuredly turn some heads. As if the distressed look wasn’t enough, the thighs of these jeans have a pattern that is truly unique and varies greatly from the look of the rest of the legs. More than this, the pants are soft and very stretchy, offering a high level of comfort throughout the day or night, without becoming loose and overstretched.

1. Men’s Skinny Slim Fit Stretch Straight Leg Fashion Jeans Pants

Best Fitted Jeans For Men: 1. Fredd Marshall Men’s Skinny Slim Fit Jeans

It is no surprise that Fredd Marshall has the 1 and 2 spots on this list of the top 10 best fitted jeans for men. With reasonable prices and unique blends, people cannot rave enough about these pants. This line in particular is not distressed, allowing it to be more versatile in general. For the low cost, you could have an entire wardrobe of jeans that you can wear both out into the world every day, and to some of the most formal gatherings that you happen to be invited to. With a 5-pocket design and elasticity for comfort, these fitted jeans are setting the bar for what you want in a quality pair for yourself.

This list is comprised of something for just about everyone that is into fitted jeans. Arguably this is still one of the most trending phases in men’s wear right now, and so these are the best options to get you started with what you should be looking for. Whether you liked distressed, ripped jeans or you are more of a conservative and clean-cut guy, you are sure to find the pair of skinny jeans on this list that can suit your tastes.

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