Top 10 Best Floor Lamps for Bedrooms Under $50 in 2018 Reviews

Whenever we go to our bedrooms at night, we do not need a lot of light to reflect on us since we want to get sleep as fast as possible. This is the reason why floor lamps are the best to choose when you need lighting for your bedrooms. Also, the floor lamps are important when you need focused light when you are reading your favorite book in the bed. When you go to the store look for the best floor lamps that are versatile since they can fit just anywhere in your room. Price is a major concern without compromising on the quality and this I the reason we have listed below the best floor lamps for bedroom under $50.

10. Adesso 8022-12 Dune chiere – Lighting Fixture with Satin Steel Accents – Night Lamp Compatible with Smart Outlet. Tools and Home Improvement, 58″, Natural

best floor lamps: 10. Ikea 302.322.25 Magnarp Floor Lamp, Natural

Magnarp floor lamp is the first in our list of the top ten best lamps. This one has the best glowing light that has been accredited for giving homes a welcoming and warm atmosphere. When you buy this particular lamp you will have to buy light bulbs separate. Additionally, it needs assembling but with the help of the installation manual every person is in the position of installing it in their homes. Moreover, the best bulb to use with this lamp are the E12 200 lumen, this will ensure that the bulb gives you the radiant glowing light in your bedroom that you have ben yearning for.


9. Light Accents 150 Watt Metal Floor Lamp with Side Reading Light (Satin Nickel)

best floor lamps: 9. Light Accents 150 Watt Metal Floor Lamp with Side Reading Light

This is one of the best lamps that you can use both in your bedroom and your living room when you need to do some reading. Additionally, it has a side reading light that you can adjust to the level that feels comfortable. Moreover, it has a great and exceptional light quality that is delivered by the incandescent torchiere floor. Furthermore, it has a perfect sleek satin finish that makes it create a good shade in the house. As well as, the best thing is that it comes with free shipping order hence you will not need to worry about shipping cost.

8. Boston Harbor TL-TREE-134-BK-3L 3 Light Tree Lamp

best floor lamps: 8. Boston Harbor TL-TREE-134-BK-3L 3 Light Tree Lamp

This is a three in one tree floor lamp that is ideal for both the bedroom and the living room. It has a black finishing that makes it a great choice for those users who love the color black. The three spotlights can rotate 360 degrees hence they can shine in any direction that you wish to. It comes with the best incandescent bulbs which uses a maximum of 60 watts. Any costumer looking for a lamp that will be good for their home reading when they are in bed, then they should not hesitate from purchasing this particular one.

7. Ikea 201.109.03 Lersta Floor/Reading Lamp, Aluminum

best floor lamps: 7. Ikea 201.109.03 Lersta Floor/Reading Lamp

Another best lamp from Ikea is the Lersta floor lamp. It has been designed with aluminum material which makes it very durable. Ti comes with a free shipping offer. Every customer who want a light that will help them with their reading should go for this particular one, because it has a directed light. Its adjustability capability makes it possible for you to direct the light in the direction you wish. For first time users it will require assembling, but this should not be difficult since the installation manual is found within the product. It will not require technical know-how to assemble.

6. Lavish Home 72-0820 Natural Full Spectrum Sunlight Therapy Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp Adjustable Gooseneck, 5′, Beige

best floor lamps: 6. Lavish Home (72-0820) 5 Feet Sunlight Floor Lamp With Adjustable Gooseneck

From the title this is a 5 feet tall lamp which has been designed with adjustable goosenecks. It is white in color and also comes with a free shipping order. The light are made from the modern lighting technology and are very natural. The base of the lamp is made of plastic material. Its switch mechanism is rocker. Color temperature is 6500k and 14300 lumen and each bulb lasts for 5000 hours. You can easily adjust the gooseneck so that they can be suitable for your reading or for the lighting of the room. It is one of the best you can find in 2018.


5. Boston Harbor TL-TREE-648 Three Lights Tree Lamp, 65″, Satin Nickel

best floor lamps: 5. Boston Harbor TL-TREE-48 Three Light Tree Lamp

Another Boston Harbor lamp which is different from the one mentioned before because it has three lights. More lights mean more lighting within the room. It has been designed using satin nickel and all the three spotlights are adjustable meaning you will be able to place the light in the direction that best works for you. A good thing about the spotlight is that they can rotate at 360 degrees meaning you can have all the spotlights facing one direction when you need focused light for reading. It has a free shipping offer to the destination of your choice except the state of CA.

4. Dawson Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp

best floor lamps: 4. Dawson Antique Brass 55 ½” High Pharmacy Floor Lamp

This particular lamp has been designed in a way that focused is the priority it serves. It features the following: metal construction, adjustable boom arm and lamp head, antique brass finish, an off and on rotary switch on the socket and its fall design is from 30 lighting brand. This is a classic lamp that will look great in the corner of your bed or at the study table in the living room. The price is inclusive of the free shipping offer. When buying a floor lamp this one should not miss in your list of choices.

3. Catalina Lighting 18223-002 Kerrington Torchiere Floor Lamp with Adjustable Reading Glass Shades, 71″, Oil Rubbed Bronze

best floor lamps: 3. Normande Lighting JM1-884 71-Inch 100-Watt Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp with 40 Watts Side reading Lamp

With 40-watt side reading lamp for reading your favorite novel when in the bedroom, the incandescent torchiere provides sufficient light to see in the dark, Additionally, has a rotary switch on the torchiere, Furthermore, it has a black painted finish with frosted glass shades and a wire-metal décor. Moreover, from all the features listed above, it would be inappropriate not to say this is one of the best lamps this year. Like all the other listed above, it has a free shipping offer included in the price.


2. Light Accents Medusa Grey Floor Lamp with Multicolor Acrylic Shades

best floor lamps: 2. Light Accents Medusa Silver Floor Lamp with Multicolor Acrylic Shades

This is the perfect floor lamp for those who love multiple colored lamps. The multicolors are ideal for different shades of light in the bedroom. For mum who wish to amuse their kids with lights in the bedroom should go for this one. You can use this lamp in the bedroom and in the living room. Additionally, the Gooseneck are adjustable hence you can easily focus the different colors in different directions. You can choose from different color combination ranging from blue, lime, white, orange and teal shades. Furthermore, all parents should go for this and all their kids will be enjoying sweet dreams in their rooms.

1. Brightech Litespan 2nd Edition LED Reading & Craft Floor Lamp – Dimmable & Light Color Adjustable with Touch Switch – Standing Tall Pole Task Lamp with Gooseneck for Office

best floor lamps: 1. SLEEKFORM LED Standing Floor Neck Lamp Adjustable Gooseneck for Reading and Crafting | Full Spectrum and Eye Protective | Ideal Bedroom or Living Room Home Decor | 12-Watts

The best floor lamp is the Sleek form LED standing floor neck lamp. The title tells all the features ranging from full spectrum, eye protective, adjustable goosenecks that will allow you to adjust the direction of the spotlight, it will create a relaxing mood in the bedroom meaning enough light in the space. Additionally, the materials used for this lamp are FFC approved and ETL certificate making it the best product in the category of floor lamps.


All the lamps listed above are the best in 2018 they are only listed for the purpose of positions. You can choose the lamp that the best suit your light needs in your living room or your bedroom.
When you get one of these, you will enjoy quality worth your investment.

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