Top 10 Best Google Pixel XL Cases in 2017 reviews

The new set of pixel phones from google that found their way into the market earlier this year are surely and certainly taking all phone maniacs by storm. The set is a combination of high-tech hardware and software features which many will stop at nothing to land on. However, despite all the ululation the price is a respite from reality to many. A bid on its own which calls for proper maintenance and care.
Conventionally, casing offers comparative advantage to phones in terms of security. With an endless list to choose from, landing on the most appropriate case may just end up depending on sheer luck. But why should you toss the coin when you have an option not to? Below is our unparalleled guide of 10 best Google Pixel XL cases.

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10. Ultra Slim Case for Google Pixel XL Case — Bear Motion Premium Back Cover for Google Pixel XL

Best Google Pixel XL Cases

Just as the name suggests, this is a special pick for those who are enticed by something thin and rather lightweight. All the holes are specially designed to ensure all ports and buttons fit with precision. The type ensures that your phone is safe by offering protection against scratches, fall and bumps. It is mainly available in black

9.Pixel XL Case, Diztronic Pixlee Slim-Fit Flexible TPU Case for Google Pixel XL (2016)

Best Google Pixel XL Cases

A special offer for those who have high taste in life. Diztronic corporation presents a unique laser casing with fluid motion designs and high tactile response. Additionally, Hygiene is always guaranteed as the as the full matte-finish prevents formation of fingerprints. Moreover, the unique layout on the casing prevents the screen from damage especially when it is laid facing down on the table.

8.Google Pixel XL Case, PLESON [Tou] Google Pixel XL Case Cover, Ultra-Thin Premium Crystal Clear Case

Best Google Pixel XL Cases

There are a handful reasons why you will be required to bag this case. To start with, the casing is clear thus maintaining the your pixel original look. Of course, the anti-slip ensures a firm grip to the phone while the buttons are well covered protecting the buttons and the screen from scratches. Furthermore, this case is waterproof and doesn’t suffer a backlash of staining caused by dirty hands. Unlike others, this case is compliant to environmental concerns and do not emit odor. Finally, it is compatible with all Pixel XL phones.

7.Google Pixel XL Case, YOUMAKER Full-body Rugged Belt Clip Holster Case with Built-in Screen Protector for Google Pixel 5.5 inch (2016 Release

Best Google Pixel XL Cases

This is a special case containing poly carbonate and TPU as the major ingredients. The former protects the phone from mechanical damage while the later act as a shock absorbent. Furthermore, the raised lip in the case ensures that the phone stays free from scratches while the belt clip holster makes it easy to transport the device.

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6. Spigen Tough Armor Google Pixel XL Case with Kickstand and Heavy Duty Air Cushion Technology Protection for Google Pixel XL 2016

Best Google Pixel XL Cases

This is a double layer of a hard PC back and flexible bumper casing that combines Air-Cushion technology with Mil-Grade protection to give maximum protection to all the four sides of a phone. Moreover, the flexible bumper allows for easy snap while the hard back ensures the phone is protected all day long from falls and scratches. Likewise, the lips also offer additional protection to the camera and the screen.

5.Spigen Neo Hybrid Google Pixel XL Case with Flexible Inner Protection and Reinforced Hard Bumper Frame for Google Pixel XL 2016

Best Google Pixel XL Cases

One of most unique cases in the market in terms of security and style. This case comprises a thick dual layer with shock absorbent embedded all round the casing thus providing the phone with zero risk against falling. Unlike most, this kind is not easily stained and above all its Mil-Grade certified.

4.Google Pixel XL Case, Maxboost mSnap Thin Cases [Perfect Fit] [Black] EXTREME Smooth Surface with Anti-Slip Matte Coating for Excellent Grip Hard Protective PC Covers For Google Pixel XL 2016

Best Google Pixel XL Cases

This is the most appropriate option for all movie lovers as the inbuilt kickstand feature allows for free viewing. Additionally, the case is adjustable and can be made to rotate through 180 degrees and intended for either hand users. Other features include the quick release latch and the encased clip holster which are enjoyed jointly with the a lifetime guarantee from Spigen.

3. Google Pixel XL Case, Caseology [Parallax Series] Modern Slim Geometric Design [Black] [Textured Grip] for Google Pixel XL (2016)

Best Google Pixel XL Cases

The smooth matte-finish poly carbonate casing stemming from the mSnap series has all it takes to be accorded a position among the best Google Pixel cases. The finish is excellent and all the ports and holes are clearly outlined. Additionally, the thin casing spreads out in all the four sides for optimum security and portability. Above all you stand to enjoy a guarantee of a lifetime from Maxboost

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2. Google Pixel XL Case, CHOETECH Soft Flexible TPU Protective Case Shock-absorption Bumper Case Anti-scratch Back Cover for Google Pixel XL Google Pixel XL 5.5 inch (2016 Release)

Best Google Pixel XL Cases

A premium TPU casing owing tribute to high quality TPU gel and in-built anti-shock system. The gel in the casing offers firm grip while holding phones thus minimizing on chances of falling. Also within the casing is an inbuilt anti-shock system for additional shock absorption. For maximum security, the corners of the casing are raised prevent the phone in the case of a sudden fall.

1.Google Pixel XL Case, Caseology [Parallax Series] Modern Slim Geometric Design [Black] [Textured Grip] for Google Pixel XL (2016)

Best Google Pixel XL Cases: Spigen Rugged Armor Google Pixel XL Case with Resilient Shock Absorption and Carbon Fiber Design for Google Pixel XL 2016 - Black

There is no fear in alluding this Case as the best Google Pixel Case so far. The case not only offer security but it is attractive as well. Some of the reasons why it is hailed as the best includes its dynamic geometric patterns which increases the aesthetic quality of the casing. Additionally, the glassy coatings -3directional- together with the poly carbonate bumper gives a firmer grip thus buffering security. Moreover, ease of use is also exemplified by the flexible TPU sleeve.

Final say
With the ever increasing phone safety concerns many are obliged to stop at nothing to ensure that their phones are free from external damage. Casing has always remained the most appealing way to reduce this risks unless otherwise. Though personal taste will always remain a sole guide for choice, above is our best Google Pixel XL cases.

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