Top 10 Best Hedge Shears in 2018 Reviews

Popularity of live fences is increasing day by day adding a positive lookout for our homes and offering a comfortable and enhancive environment. To enhance our homes, hedges or solitary shrubs should be trimmed to produce a beautiful lookout for your fence that meets your choice and preference. Therefore, it is necessary to have best shears to meet your demand. Our markets are full of different kinds of shears making it difficult for one to know and have right shear that will do best and is pocket-friendly. Top 10 best hedge shears reviews, we give you best trimmers that will suit your purpose.

10. Gnome 25″ Garden Hedge Shears | Clippers Trimmers Pruners – Best In Class Carbon Steel Blades | Heavy Duty Soft Grip Handle – Manual trimmer for Hedges, Bushes, and Large areas of Small growth

best hedge shears: 10. SONGMICS Extendable Hedge Shear

This shear is very practical and convenient to use, as is extendable giving extra reach of limbs and branches. Has a sharp wavy blade made of carbon steel bringing high level of sharpness and prevents sliding away of twigs due to its wavy nature. Additionally, it is made of rubberized ergonomic handle providing non-slip grip and optimal control, makes hedge trimming effective and precise. Moreover, flower shaped pivot bolt allows you adjust blade tension of the hedge shear in an easy way to deal with different plants species.

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9. Fiskars 91696935J 25-33 Inch Power-Lever Extendable Hedge Shear (9169)

best hedge shears: 9. Fiskars Extendable Hedge Shear

You want to make your gardening a joy and a hobby that you will live to enjoy. Find your ideal Fiskars shears for trimming and shaping hedges and decorative shrubs. Fiskars Power-Lever Hedge Shears feature compound lever technology multiplies your leverage offering you double cutting power. Additionally, these shears include handles that extend and lock securely making it easier reach high twigs or cut in different designs. Besides, fully hardened, precision-ground steel blades feature a serrated edge to grip while cutting, and a patented self-sharpening design ensures that every cut is clean and crisp. Moreover, a rust-resistant, low-friction coating makes every cut even easier, shock-absorbing bumpers absorb jarring vibrations, and durable steel handles with non-slip grips offer control.

8. Fiskars 9184 18-Inch Sculpting Hedge Shear (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

best hedge shears: 8. Fiskars Sculpting Hedge Shear

This shear features long handle with 7 blades for optimal maneuverability thus no need to worry while using it of either incomplete work or that is not satisfactory. Perfectly sized for precise trimming and shaping your hedge to a desirable shape and design, includes non-slip grips ensuring stronger and firmer grip for comfort and control thereby avoiding formation of blisters. Moreover, non-stick blade coating ensures less effort while trimming while repelling sap and fine debris thereby saving time and energy. Comes at an affordable prize and you have no need to worry in case it is damaged as it has a lifetime warranty making it reliable.

7. iGarden 3 Piece Combo Garden Tool Set with Lopper, Hedge Shears and Pruner Shears, Tree & Shrub Care Kit

best hedge shears: 7. Garden Hedge Shears and Pruner Shears

It features 3 piece combo garden tools set including lopper, hedge shear and soft grip bypass pruner. This 3 piece has a making of high carbon steel blades and comfort grip rubber handles thus ensuring its reliability and durability. Additionally, it offers smooth, easy cuts on tree branches leaving a clean and attractive design making your hedge appealing to look at. Furthermore, a fully hardened, precision ground steel blade stays sharp removing need to sharpen it, rust resistant and has low friction coating making cuts even easier and ensuring its durability.

6. Corona HS 3244 ComfortGEL Hedge Shear, 9-Inch Blade

best hedge shears: 6. Corona Hedge Shear

This hedge shear is known for its extra strength due to its trapezoidal steel handles and blades for long lasting durability. The comfortGEL series exacts quality standards with ergonomically shaped grips for maximum comfort, fit and control. As well as, it features an Integrated Shock-Guard bumper that reduces strain and fatigue, hence no need to worry anymore for a tiresome work that makes you worn-out and exhausted. Likewise, the blades have a special coating, which is nonstick, and helps maintain maximum sharpness improving cutting performance to achieve best outlook for your hedge.

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5. Fiskars 9191 Power Lever 8-Inch Hedge Shears With Soft Grip Handle

best hedge shears: 5. Fiskars 9191 Power Lever 8-Inch Hedge Shears with Soft Grip Handle

The hedge shears have a power lever mechanism with its exclusive four-point pivot that multiplies your trimming strength with every squeeze increasing its leverage to make cutting twice easier than single pivot shears. You can trim and shape shrubs, hedges and other greenery with twice the ease. Furthermore, it has serrated blade grips branches so that they cannot slide out from between blades. Moreover, its sharp steel blades easily cut through tough materials. Consists of soft grip and shock-absorbing bumper letting you trim in complete comfort.

4. Gilmour Basic Hedge Shears Green Black 8 inch Coated Blades 840501-1001

best hedge shears: 14. Gilmour Basic Hedge 8-Inch Coated Blades 8

Gilmour hedge shears feature an innovative design that increases leverage and makes cutting easier than with single pivot shears. Fully hardened and tempered, precision ground and top blades grip branches for clean cuts. Additionally, Gilmour’s hedge shear features an 8-inch nonstick-coated blade for high level of durability and performance. Moreover, the innovative design allows the vertical blade to sweep across the bed knife blade for efficient and clean slice-cut action. Additional features include durable steel handles, comfort cushioned grips, shock-absorbing bumpers. This for gardeners and homeowners who demand the very best for their lawns and gardens.

3. Geelife Long Handle Professional Hedge Shears Forged Hedge Clippers Garden Shear With Steel Handles

best hedge shears: 3. Geelife Long Handle Professional Hedge Shears

This shear will ultimately make your gardening process a hobby that you will live to enjoy and have best experience out of it. It has a Teflon coating of anticorrosion and waterproof decreases the friction; protecting your hands from blisters and for smooth and unsurpassed cutting performance, good abrasion resistance. Besides, it has a perfect shape and balance with long durability for continued professional use. Together with, don’t worry of worn out blades as it has replaceable blades which have a long lasting sharpness making it ideal for trimming and shaping your hedges.

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2. TABOR TOOLS B228A Hedge Shears for Trimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes. 22″ Manual Hedge Clippers with Professional Straight Blade and Comfort Grip Aluminum Handles.

best hedge shears: 2. Tabor Tools Professional Aluminum Hedge Shears

Specifically designed for professional manicuring and sculpting of shrubs and topiaries these hedge shears are razor sharp super light and built for continued use. The high carbon tool steel hardened blades stay sharp cut after cut. Additionally, the blades are hard chrome plated to provide rust, sap protection, and increase the hardness of the blades. Furthermore, the shears are super-lightweight and have a smooth operation with soft shock absorbers for continued use. Moreover, the hedge shears provide maximum cutting performance and the precision cuts of this tool will preserve your plant’s health. As well as, the shock-guard bumpers absorb jarring vibrations, reduce arm, and shoulder fatigue. Of course, it making gardening activities a joy rather than a chore!

1. TABOR TOOLS B212 Extendable Hedge Shears for Trimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes. Telescopic 25″+ 8″ Hedge Clippers with Wavy Blade and Long Telescoping Power-Lever Steel Handles

best hedge shears: 1. TABOR TOOLS Extendable Hedge Shears

This hedge trimmer is the ideal tool for trimming and shaping your shrubs and decorative topiary plants. It has a sharp wavy blade and telescopic handles which are extendable. Shock absorbing bumpers will stop all jarring vibrations, reduce arm, and shoulder fatigue. The extendable telescopic lightweight steel handles feature comfortable non-slip grips which will fit comfortably into your hands. An overall balanced, dependable and comfortable tool will make your gardening a joy.


It is every wish of every homeowner to have a home that is envy in the neighborhood by having well-trimmed and shaped fences that become a folk talk to everyone. However, this does not become a reality without having best tools that suit your purpose.
The review will act as ultimate guideline to every homeowner who want to make gardening activity. Enjoy having best shears which is comfortable to use and which is pocket-friendly.

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