Top 10 Best Kids Yoga Mats in 2020 Reviews

When you take your kids for a yoga session, a yoga mat is something that they will need. There are several characteristics that this mat must fulfill for a productive and comfortable class. As such you need to take your time looking out for the best mat. A good mat needs to protect your knees, spine, elbows, and wrists. Moreover, it should give the proper grip prevent slips. Apart from this, such a mat should be non-toxic, and it should be portable. However, getting a kid’s yoga mat that fulfills all these requirements can be tasking. So, below we have compiled the top 10 best kids yoga mats that accomplish these properties to enable you to have an easy search. Have a look at them and get one that will give you the best value for your money.

10. Merrithew Kids Yoga and Exercise Mat

best kids yoga mats: 10. Merrithew Kids Yoga and Exercise Mat

This is an eco-friendly mat made of poly environmental resin which is non-toxic and biodegradable. It is free of heavy metals and phthalates, to give protection against exposure to harmful substances. It is sized for the comfort of kids aged 5years and above to enable them to have a good play time. Its bright design and soft texture make it suitable for kids’ enjoyment. This mat has a convenient built-in handle; its material is durable, water proof and non-slip to keep you kid protected while using it. Apart from that, this mat contains an inside foam layer to provide extra cushioning and hence extra protection for the child. Its sweat absorbency characteristic makes it comfortable for your little one.


9. SweetLime Eco-Friendly Kids Yoga Mat | Non-Toxic | Non-Slip | No PVC | Cute Yoga Characters | by

best kids yoga mats: 9. Eco-Friendly Kids Yoga Mat

This is a non-toxic and non-slip mat designed to provide a safe experience for kids during their exercises. These mats come in cute designs which make them appealing to children while enhancing their learning. This mat is safe for use as it is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and doesn’t contain harmful PVC, latex or phthalates. Moreover, this mat is eco-friendly, moisture and bacteria resistant, and easy to clean. It is light in weight to enable your little one to carry it around. It also has plenty of cushions, meaning that you should not worry when your kid is using it as it provides extra protection. More to this, its texture is non-slip to minimize slips and falls.

8. Reehut 1/4-Inch High Density TPE Exercise Yoga Mat for Pilates, Fitness & Workout with Velcro Strap

best kids yoga mats: 8. Reehut 1/4-Inch High Density - Exercise Yoga Mat

This is a high-density mat made of PVC material which is flexible and easy to clean. Due to the integrated anti-tearing agent on this mat, you can be sure of its durability. It is light in weight to enable the user to carry it around. Moreover, the mat sling that accompanies it enhances comfort as you move it around. It is suitable for pilates, yoga, outdoor activities, and you can also use it as a mat for your crawling baby. It has a honeycomb design to make it safe by preventing slip injuries. This mat is non-toxic, eco-friendly and easy to clean. It is RoHS, REACH, and PAHs certified to ensure that it is safe.

7. Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kids Yoga Mat Play Pad

best kids yoga mats: 7. Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kids Yoga Mat

This is a professional grade yoga mat. Being made of high-density foam, it gives the extra protection needed when using it. Moreover, the polyester material that makes it is environmentally friendly, enabling you to use it without the fear of introducing harmful substances into your system. This mat doesn’t contain hazardous materials such as 6P, phthalates, and latex. Its fabric is easy to hand wash and wipe clean, while it is light in weight to enhance portability. It significantly improves the balance of the user without any risk of injuries due to slips.

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6. Sivan Health and Fitness Kids Exercise Yoga Mat with Carry Strap – for, Yoga & Pilates, Great for Kid Athletes, Dancers, Gymnasts, Tummy Time etc, 1/2-Inch Extra Thick, NBR Comfort Foam (Teal)

best kids yoga mats: 6. Sivan Health and Fitness Kids Yoga Mat

This is a mat constructed from a durable NBR foam and suitable for floor exercises such yoga, pilates, dancing, gymnastics, and other games. It comes a long with a carry strap to make it easy for you to move it from one location to another. It provides a non-slip surface while improving the kid’s balance due to its non-slip grip. One of its surfaces is smooth while the other is rigged to enable each surface to perform its service conveniently. This mat is bright enough to make it attractive for kids. Other than that, it has 1/2 inches ultra thick foam to provide the comfort and support needed to protect the user against injury. The mat is also easy to clean to enable you to maintain it with ease.

5. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Kids Yoga Mat Play Pad

best kids yoga mats: 5. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Kids Yoga Mat

This is a professional grade mat, made of polymer resin material which is environmentally friendly. It is free of harmful substances such a phthalate, 6P, and latex giving you the assurance of not exposing your child to hazardous elements. Additionally, it is easy to wipe and hand wash providing you with the chance to give your kid a clean play area. Of course, it incorporates a high-density foam to provide the support and protection a child needs when using it. Likewise, it helps improve the child’s balance, which protecting any injuries as a result of slips and falls. Furthermore, with this mat, you need not worry about carrying it around as it is light to allow you to move it around with no struggles.

4. Yogi Junior Kids Yoga Mat – PVC Free – Double Layered TPE Foam

best kids yoga mats: 4. POETRYOGA - Kids Yoga Mat

These are durable mats made of eco polymer environmental friendly resin. This mat does not have any toxic substances, latex, silicone, phthalates that endanger the health of your child. Additionally, they are also SGS certified to guarantee that they do not contain any of these elements. Moreover, their material is easy to clean and hand wash. Moreover, the mat is suitable for both indoor exercises such as yoga and pilates, as well as outdoor activities such as camping, beach activities and fishing. As well as, they come with a carrying strap to facilitate carrying it around. More so, apart from this, this mat is light in weight to enable your young one to carry it around. Beside, it has beautiful patterns and designs to make your kid enjoy having it around. Together with, these mats feature an excellent nonslip traction and grip surface thereby enhancing greater balance and support of the child. Another attractive feature of this mat is its guarantee, where you can benefit from a 100% money refund if not enticed with this product.

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3. Kid size Sticky Yoga Mat 1/8″x60″ Thick 14 Colors SGS Approved Non-Toxic No Phthalates or Latex by Bean Products

best kids yoga mats: 3. Kid size Sticky Yoga Mat

This is a durable mat made of polymer environmental friendly resin. This mat is free of toxic substances such a phthalates, phenol, furans, heavy metals and dioxins. More so, it is SGS tested and verified to give a guarantee that this information is authentic. Therefore, you can be sure that this is a safe ground for your child to play on. As well as the mat comes in a plenty of colors and prints to give you a range to choose one that best suits your child’s desires. Furthermore, the mat has excellent traction to ensure that it gives the stability you want when in use. Likewise, it also bears enough cushion to support your kid while preventing injuries. This mat is light in weight and machine and hands washable.

2. Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

best kids yoga mats: 2. Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

This is a kid sized mat with an all grip and no slip surface. Hence they give maximum support to prevent any slips. It is 3 mm thick to protect the kid from the hard surface when practicing. Additionally, this mat provides the required safety as it is toxic free. Besides, the fact that it is light in weight makes it suitable to carry along. Another benefit of this mat is that it comes in various colors and designs to give much pleasure to your kid.

1. YogaDirect Fun Yoga Mat For Kids

best kids yoga mats: 1. YogaDirect Fun Yoga Mat

This mat is perfect for kids. It has a high-tack surface to enhance stickiness while placed on the floor as well as rounded corners which aid to keep the mat in place during use. It is made of durable foam to give the comfort the child needs when using it. This ensures that the kid does not suffer from injuries as a result of much pressure from the hard surface. Apart from that, this mat is free of toxic substances to guarantee the safety of your kid.

Comfort and safety matters when you take your child for a yoga session. After all, you do not want your kid to get off this mat while hurting while you wanted the kid to relax.

Therefore, pick one of these mats for your little one, and be sure to have given him /her the best gift especially if yoga is an activity your child loves to do.

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