Top 10 Best Robotic Kits For Kids In 2018 Reviews

Your kids will absolutely love the lot they can learn from robotic kits. This is an absolutely great package to let them put their creativity to work, explore and learn. Robotic kids are great to sharpen your child’s cognitive abilities as well as teach them coordination and a range of skills. You too will be thrilled as you watch the thrill your kids feel from working with robotic kits. And even you can learn a lot. Here are ten of the best robotic kits for kids you can get for your kids.

10. Thames and Kosmos Gyrobot-Gyroscopic Robot Kit

Best Robotic Kits for Kids: 10. Tames and Kosmos Gyrobot-Gyroscopic Robotic Kit

This robotic kit is great for children aged 8 and above. It will help the child develop such skills as hand coordination, eye coordination, organizational skills and even the ability to creatively solve problems. Additionally, this robotic kit comes with a 24-page manual to help your child understand how to use the kit as well as 102 building pieces for your child to work with. Moreover, there is also a motor driven gyroscope that allows the child to build up to seven different models including a robot that can sit just right on a tight rope. Furthermore, you will love how this can very well teach your kids a lot about gyroscopes.

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9. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit for Kids

Best Robotic Kits for Kids: 9. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313

This lets you build about five different robots. There is a Micro SD card reader, back lit buttons, four motor parts and even a remote control. The infrared sensor system gives you control over your robot and the USB port allows for internet connectivity. This robotic kit is just the perfect one to let you use your creativity and explore as you want.

8. 4M Water Rocket Kit

Best Robotic Kits for Kids: 8. 4M Water Rocket Kit

Everything you need to create a water rocket is included in this kit. There’s a plastic bottle, four fins, a bung, a bung connector, a Fin support and a pump connector. There are also detailed instructions on how to use this kit. This is a rocket kit that can get up to 30 feet in the air. Young people enthusiastic about science will find this kit really interesting.

7. 4M Table Top Robot

Best Robotic Kits for Kids: 7. 4M Table Top Robot

With this easy-to-use kit, you can create a working robot crab that can as much as change position on its own when it encounters an obstacle. This kit provides tasks linked with the sciences, arts and crafts and so much more. Additionally, there are also detailed instructions on how to use this kit so you do not need to have any previous special knowledge. Moreover, your child will definitely have fun learning all the basics of robotics with 4M.

6. 4M Magnet Science Kit

Best Robotic Kits for Kids: 6. 4M Magnet Science Kit

You can perform up to ten magnet science games with this kit. A super power horseshoe magnet, a magnet wand and a super magnet racer are some of the things your child will enjoy creating with this kit. It consists of bar magnets, ring magnets, magnet handles, metal screw nuts and a lot of other things you will need. There are also detailed instructions on how to assemble and work with this kit.

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5. OWI Robotic Arm Edge

Best Robotic Kits for Kids: 5. OWI Robotic Arm Edge

This includes a search light design on the gripper as well as a safety gear audible indicator on all the five gear boxes this kit comes with. These would help to prevent injuries or the breakage of gears. There are also five switch wired controllers, five motors and five joints to enable total control and command of the robots you create. Your kid will love the fact that they can command and visually manipulate what they create with this kit to achieve multiple movements. This kit is best suited for children 9 years and above.

4. Thames & Kosmos Remote Control Machines

Best Robotic Kits for Kids: 4. Thames and Kosmos Remote Control Machines

You can use this kit to build your own motorised vehicles and machines and use a wireless remote to control them. You can even control three different motors at once using the infrared six button remote which this kit includes. This kit will beautifully allow your child to explore, create and have fun at the same time.

3. 4M Tin Can Robot

Best Robotic Kits for Kids: 3. 4M Tin Can Robot

This kit requires the use of some household items such as batteries. It is easy to assemble and offers detailed instructions on how to use. A soda can, a screw driver and an AA battery are basically all you need to work with this kit. Your child will also require adult supervision when working with this kit. It is recommended for children 9 years and above and can be another really great tool to sharpen your child’s creativity.

2. Thames & Kosmos Remote-Control Machines: Space Explorers Science Kit

Best Robotic Kits for Kids: 2. Thames and Kosmos Space Explorers Science Kit

Even your little 8 years old can build up to ten different robotic space machines with this kit. There is also a remote control which can control up to three motors at once. There is a 251-piece construction set that can be used to build up to nine space themed models. This also comes with an 80-page manual to provide detailed instructions on how to use the kit. Your kids can learn about all that they have built in the ‘check it out’ section of the manual.


1. Kids First Robot Engineer Kit and Storybook

Best Robotic Kits for Kids: 1. Kids First Robot Engineer Kit

This one, very interestingly, comes with a story book manual and is suitable for children as young as three years old. Your little kid will love the story of inquisitive Ty and Karlie, and they would be inspired to build their own robots. There are 53 building pieces in this kit as well as 10 different models. Your child will love that the building pieces are large, colorful and easy to use.

From building space machines to building motorized vehicles and performing science games, there is so much that your child can have fun doing with robotic kits. The great abilities they will develop from working with these kits are especially the best thing about these kits. You too can have fun and learn while supervising your kids. And you will love how they build up your child.

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